Hello, world.

Welcome to my little side project.

This application is a proof of concept for probe request capture, logging and display.
Data displayed on this site was captured from a portable device in a tree in my front yard.
I live on a busy street, so I'm seeing about 2500 unique devices per day.


  • TP-Link TL-MR3040 portable router in sta mode connected to local wifi
  • OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
  • 4 port USB hub since the router only has 1 USB port
  • Ralink RT5370 USB wifi adapter in monitor mode
  • 16Gb USB Dongle filesystem overlay
  • 16500 mAh Battery i have two of these and I swap them every 12 hours or so
  • tcpdump -l -i wlan0 -tttt -e -s 256 type mgt subtype probe-req
  • curl -X POST -d "$line" "http://probe.hky.me/etc..."


  • Centos 6 VPS on Digital Ocean
  • NodeJS 400 lines of really simple Express
  • MySQL 5 tables


  • Javascript Vanilla JS w/ some AJAX, this is a prototype. Don't judge me.
  • HTML 5
  • CSS

This data is "live" in the sense that it is being continually fed from the agent to the server.

If you refresh the page, you will get new results.